Humans of Bangkok

The post is quite scattered in our program Facebook Page so I decided to post some of the entry there.

Media for Change workshop was a part of BA in Global Studies and Social Entrepreneurship, School of Global Studies, Thammasat University, Thailand summer preparation. We had Professor Greg Watkins from Stanford to organize a 3-day workshop for 70 students (age from 17-19) At first we thought of hosting a short film workshop like what Professor Watkins had done in Bhutan, but since we only has three days, we decided to go with something shorter. We introduced students to different mediums of communication showing different impact short film from professional and amateur film makers. Then we discussed/ commented on their approaches and the impacts they create to the audience. Students did real projects in teams with the opportunity to present to a wider audience at the end. On the last day we had fieldwork around Bangkok gained understanding and appreciation for different people “characters” living in the urban Bangkok life, through “Human of Bangkok” presentation.


“The job might not be as fancy as others, but it has made me happy for the past 10 years”

-Motorcycle taxi around Sanarm Pao district


“My eldest child will be graduating from an engineering school soon while the younger is still in grade 9. Everything I do is for their education.” -Beverage vendor at Rachetewi district


“Children are the best encouragement for parents.” -Taxi driver


“Mama and papa are at work so I take care of my brother.” – Slum Klong Teoi

1 Untitled

“I was caught in my own apartment dressing like this”


“I own a luxury apartment worth 7 million baht ($233K), here is the key card”

-Food vendor at Chatcujak Park

Here are some photos of the students presenting about their Human of Bangkok experience:

10271588_849556055062367_7024136477947175405_n 10407108_849553911729248_1782575404948132200_n 10408985_853409481343691_1066609327779664099_n 10538073_849554168395889_2451671525625476955_n 10559869_853409521343687_264197889122404970_n10584018_853409718010334_2678798952573862878_n

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