MASCLab Meeting Recap and Upcoming Events

This week at MASCLab was a really great conversation–we talked about the role of social media in organizing and educating in/from Ferguson, we shared a couple of really cool videos including one from an organization, chinh, that sean shared with us, (we watched the mustache one–it was awesome) that does animation/making-of documentaries with children in India, and one from the girl project.
We talked about media and transparency, what role media can/does play in social movements, and what the differences and similarities might be in Twitter organizing for #Ferguson and #Bringbackourgirls.
In the video project–we shot our first (practice) interview and we’re readying to shoot for real this week, so think about what social change means to you, and where/how you want to see it!
We have two really cool events coming up: A happy hour with our own Brendan Gillett where we are going to talk about Scott Pilgrim, transmediation, and draw comics–that’s Nov. 7 from 4 – 6.
A screening of Unequal Ed Revisited with Steve Goodman from EVC. If we talk about the role of media in social change education/pedagogy–EVC is an organization that’s been taking that mission extremely seriously for the past thirty years here in EVC–working with students in alternative schools to make powerful social issue documentaries. Here’s just a small sample of their amazing work.
See you on Monday, 1230-2, 322 Thompson!

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