Ghosts of MASCLab Past and Future

Okay, technically that title refers to “A Christmas Carol”, but anyway…
Happy Halloween MASCLab!

This past week Sam showed us “garbage dreams” from children in Bhutan, from her work with an organization there and talked a little bit about the context in which it was made in a weeklong program.
We talked with Kristin about her multimodal analysis workshop, now set for 12 – 1:30 on December 2nd–put it on your calendars!

Then Kristin led us in doing some drawings around our ideas/hopes/associations about MASCLab in the hopes of helping us work on getting a logo/graphic design plan into place. It was fun! Look for those online soon.

Next week we have a very exciting workshop with Brendan Gillett on Scott Pilgrim in three mediums–We’re  going to learn/do some drawing of comics and have some happy hour drinks from 4pm – 6pm on Friday, Nov. 7th in TH322. We will be excited to see you there!

The following week we are going to have our first MASCLab screening of Unequal Education Revisited from 6 – 730 (followed by reception) in GDH 179. It’s a super awesome film–we had a sneak peak at our meeting and we wished we could have seen more…Check out the attached flyer and send it around please!!

Join us this Monday for our usual meeting time of 12:30 to 2pm–Stella is going to share with us some work by a group called MIMA that does community engagement education through improvised music and talk about possibilities for having them come visit us. I’m going to share the work of a great media group in Chicago on the schooling situation there called Central Standard: On Education and talk about possibilities for maybe having them come visit us–and YOU are going to bring up even more awesome stuff to talk about. Then we’re going to spend the last part of our time (from 130pm to 2pm) actually doing stuff (such as interviews for the video working group) or talking in a more unstructured way. Help me make it happen for real!

A spooky but not overly spooky Halloween to all!

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