Events and Updates (Nov 7)

Today we are having our Scott Pilgrim in 3 Mediums Happy Hour/Comics Drawing Workshop! From 4-6p in 322 TH—come hang out!
Next Wednesday we are having our Unequal Ed Revisited screening from 6 – 730 (followed by reception) in GDH 179! Bring everyone! Share around the blog post below!

On Monday we’ll also meet as usual from 12:30p to 2p in TH 322. Exciting stuff happening–more media to share, events/workshops to plan/camera skills to learn/knowledge to circulate.

This week several people shared cool artifacts:
-Stella shared with us an organization called MIMA that uses music improvisation to do community education and activism–we decided it would be great to reach out and have them come talk to us.
-Jo led a discussion around an article about social media in war settings (eg. ISIS) in which we complicated the discourse around “change” and new technologies like Twitter.
-Kristin shared with us this amazing visualization of music work (warning, highly mesmerizing, hugely useful for/dangerous to procrastinators). (pssst,there’s more).
-I got everyone hooked on a little Central Standard: On Education preview.
We actually did a couple of interviews for the video workshop!

Join us today and next week and next week!

Also: Nathan let us know that Digital Media and Learning Conference submissions are open until December 1st—–Thanks Nathan! Could be a good one for MASCLabbers…

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