MASCLab This Week and Next

Dear MASCLab,

We had quite a week. We packed GDH 179 for the Unequal Ed screening–we counted at least 80 people. Thank you so much to all of you who spread the word, convinced your class to come!, and took pics, esp. our official photographers Karen and Sam!

We have some awesomely exciting stuff brewing–so come hang out on Monday!
Sam and Stella are going to share with us about education in Greece and Thailand–definitely don’t want to miss learning about that and talking about how to do some cross-country comparison using media artifacts.

A few of things people are working on:

Working on a Hip-hop ed/comics workshop (potentially incl. reaching out to other hip-hop ed collaborators).
A workshop series on Media Literacy.
Video on social change.
Multimodal Analysis workshop (our next event, coming up early December!)
Bringing in more exciting speakers/thinking up more exciting things–including maybe some stuff across youth media groups???

Man, I’m happy you all are around.
We’ve been talking about adding another day, but for now, see you
Monday 12:30/TH 322

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