MASCLab News and Updates from Renee Hobbs visit

We are having our first MASCLab happy hour of the semester IN OUR NEW SPACE that we are sharing with reimagining futures project in HM 46A, next Friday, February 20 from 4 – 6pm. We will be using that time to make some artifacts to decorate the space and make it our own, and more importantly to hang out with each other and drink some beer and wine and eat snacks.
This past week, we had a visit from Media Literacy scholar, activist and organizer Renee Hobbs, who helped us brainstorm our planned media literacy workshop for pre-service teachers in a very productive way. She shared some cool tools with us such as Jonathan McIntosh’s gender remixer, which switches gendered voices in ads, and suggested ways we might start conversations such as discussing the implications of Youtube vidoes like “David after dentist” that might be humorous, but bring up the spectres of exploitation and the question of the responsibilities of media prdoucers.
We had a long discussion, but the point we are at now (I believe, and all subject to change) is planning to offer two or three shorter workshops that can be taken in sequence or on their own sometime in April, which involve both critical reflection and production, putting teachers both in the place of critical makers and consumers of media.
Kristin also shared a cool project with us called the #walkmyworld project. the #walkmyworld project is a social-media-based project happening primarily on Twitter and linked through the #walkmyworld hashtag. Anyone can participate, and collectively, everyone is seeing how the personal learning networks (PLNs) of participants are taking shape through the project–in which , much as the title suggests, they share their world experiences with each other. Here are links to their learning events, the “So what?” pageorganizers behind it (profs and K-12 teachers), and associated research.
Finally, Moira wants us know about a really awesome conference called the Allied Media Conference with has a call for proposals currently open. A lot of really awesome media and media education practitioners take part in this:, so it is definitely something for MASCLabbers to know about and apply for if you are interested! The deadline is fast approaching on March 2.
This upcoming week, the meeting will be at the usual time, 
12:30 – 2pm, in Thompson 322, and I will send an email out soon shortly after if we’ve voted to make a change!
See you Monday!

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