Weekly Meeting Recap

We had an awesome presentation on Wednesday from new faculty member in the CMLTD program, Ioana Literat. She presented on her research project involving the creation of a crowd-sourced children’s book, Hashtag the Snail. You can check the book out here: bit.do/hashtagthesnail
It’s really cool. You can see some notes here from our excellent conversation. (We promise to improve those going forward). Ioana also led us in trying some different forms of “crowdsourced” composition of poetry – Ioana broke us up into three groups: non-technology, non-structural control (using the exquisite corpse writing style), non-technology, structural control, and technology only, structural control (forms of participation). Here’s what we wrote:
Non tech, no structural control (exquisite corpse poem):
Non tech, structural control:
and tech, structural control:
Tom has a really bad headache
He wants to be fresh, for Mama’s sake
The only solution could be a vanilla milkshake
Janey took his hand, and reached for the sky
Tom pointed down towards the apple pie
Waving to the policeman and says hi
To no one in particular and then wonders WHY
Oh my!
let’s say goodbye
yes – right NOW
Join us on Wednesday, 9/30/15 from 12 – 1 in HM46A for our next meeting!
One of our members, Carol, who has been doing some great media work, has offered to share an artifact from a program she’s been using called “Comic Life” at an upcoming meeting that could be a great multimodal resource for educators–and we want to take the opportunity to invite anyone who is working with media in their research, scholarship, or pedagogy to share a bit of what you’re working on or thinking through, even if it’s just for a few minutes–it doesn’t have to be a formal presentation – just to get a sense of what’s going on in the group already. Email us if you have something you know you’d like to share! (masclabtc@gmail.com).

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