Awesome Announcements and Great Meeting Recap!

Dear MASCLab,

We have many extremely exciting things going on in the next few weeks!
(1) Next week in our MASCLab meeting, advanced doctoral student in CMLTD Tara Conley will be sharing pieces of her video ethnography Brackish, which she recently published in collaboration with ColorLines and talking with us about visual ethnography and her experience making the project. (Click on the link to check out the awesome project). That will be Wednesday, October 14, from 12 – 1pm in HM46A.
Directed and produced by Tara L. Conley. Brackish follows native New   and hurricane Katrina survivor Kellen Smith on his journey from a 23-year-old aspiring professional bowler, golfer, and music producer to a 33-year-old telecommunications technician, partner to his fiancee, and father to his 9-year-old stepdaughter and newborn son. It’s a story of wading in the waters with near dwellers who have experienced rupture and being ruptured. It’s also a celebration of the lives of those who have survived and found strength in family, music, and tradition.”
(2) The following week is Back to the Future Day, the day on which Back to the Future Part II, the future-documentary starring Michael J Fox is set. (In the movie Marty travels from the eighties to October 21, 2015…) In honor of this historic moment we will watch the film at MASCLab and discuss what it got right/wrong and the power of media. That will be Wednesday, October 21 from 12 – 2pm in HM46A. 
(3) If you are sad that we won’t have time for our usual rich MASCLab discussion that week because we will be too busy watching fun movies, don’t fear: that same afternoon we will be hosting our first MASCLab happy hour of the year! Wednesday, October 21 from 5 – 7pm in HM46A. We will share drinks and talk about media: longtime MASCLab hero Brendan Gillett will share parts of a documentary he produced on refugee resettlement in Manchester, New Hampshire called Our Community. If you have something you’d like to share, let us know! Otherwise join us for drinks, media, and conversation:
(4) Visiting Professor from UPenn Stanton Wortham will be joining MASCLab on Wednesday, Nov. 4, 12 – 1pm to share and discuss with us about his exciting visual ethnography work in Norristown, PA! (More details on this soon–trust us, it’s an amazing opportunity.
Bring yourselves and your friends to all of the above! Spread the word!
We had an excellent meeting this week! You can read the notes here for a more full recap. Sam shared a presentation with us on her exploration and research into using a couple of different really cool tools for digital literacy in a school program she works with in Thailand–including Scratch and Powtoon, and we had a great discussion about what counts as success in a digital learning environment that takes the approach of “constructionism”.
Professor Literat shared a video from a fellow student at Middlebury that was a really cool example of participatory storytelling, in which a college student produces visuals to a six-year-old’s story. You may have seen it–it’s pretty amazing: “The Scared Is Scared”.
Lou shared a really beautiful piece one of his students made about struggling with identity and sexuality – you can check out all of his students’ movies here:
Thanks for the great conversations and see you soon!

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