September 14 Meeting

We got together in an unseasonably warm MASCLab room for our first meeting of the semester–we went around the circle of about 30 people and introduced ourselves, our programs, and our favorite animals. Lots of cats.

Then, Joe prompted everyone to think about the following questions:

What is media?

  • I have experience with
  • I want to learn more about
  • I would love to make

What is social change?

  • I have experience with
  • I want to learn about
  • I would love to make

People each responded on post-it notes individually, and then shared with each other in small groups. Once they had a chance to hear from each other, Joe asked everyone to collaboratively answer the question: What is your hope for MASCLab this year?–but multimodally–with modes other than the spoken or written word.

Here is what people came up with:

Group 1 shares a post they found through newsfeed of a side by side magazine cover of a “girls life” magazine, trying to illustrate the power of media over perception and identity. Talking about the power of language – edited messages.

Want to think about how we can engage with media around election–

Group 2 –

Drawing – movement for benefits of adjunct faculty –

Brain: mental health and how we could use the internet to engage with mental health

Knowledge about online learning –

Program building a platform for career / areas of interest connection – quarter-life crisis – how to deal with types of choice.

Group 3 –

The concept of creating connections – a social connection – a creative connection making connections in peoples’ lives – media allows us to create connections beyond borders – beyond geographic limitations – arts and film festival – media festival – connecting with organizations outside in the community – community-based film project


Group 4 –

3 layers of interest – one layer is in making media together , layer two looking layers of analysis – maybe workshops talking about pioneering workshops – the idea of communication/movement — it has to go somewhere


Announcement –

This semester we are bringing in Yasmin Mistry and her participants in Foster Care Film to do an interactive screening. Help us plan how to make it as great for all participants as it can be!

We also collected everyone’s experience/things they wanted to learn more/things they wanted to make for media and social change. They are still up in the lab so we can keep them in mind:


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