September 28 Meeting Notes and Updates

We will be meeting next week at our new usual time:
Wednesday, 12-130 in HM46A. 
The first half of the meeting we will be workshopping a collaborative podcast around MASCLab’s work and interests, suggested by Kyle. Please join us to do some audio thinking and making, among other things!
If you have something you’d like to address/workshop/brainstorm/get feedback on at more length this week or in upcoming weeks, and we will make sure to let people know!
We had a great meeting this week in which we laid out some initial projects MASCLab is going to be working on producing this semester, so that we can start building collaborations and making things. One of the things we wanted to make sure to do was host an online list of what people are working on, so people can propose things and also see what’s out there to get involved. SO, check out our new MASCLab Projects Page to see the projects that we talked about at this meeting. If you see something you want to be involved in, email us at this address! If you want to propose or add your project to the list, or if you just have an idea for one you want to talk about, email us about that, too! We are really focusing on making so far this semester, and we want to help support people making their media/social change ideas a reality.
You can check my sparse and cryptic meeting notes here, but the Projects Page will give a fuller version.

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