MASCLab Updates and Announcements

We had an excellent meeting this week–Kyle led us through an excellent discussion of podcasting and we took our first steps toward producing our own MASCLab podcast!
You can see the introductory handout he used to guide us below. We came up with some great ideas, which we are going to build on in two weeks and take the next step in actually making it!
This upcoming week, we will be meeting in iDesign, 322 Thompson Hall for an Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality jam session with Professor Joey Lee! 
It will be at our usual time:
Wednesday October 12th from 12-1:30pm.
It’s going to be an awesome opportunity to learn about what’s going on with AR/VR technology these days, and possibly even to play with some awesome AR/VR tech!
In other news, Lisa has heroically begun the process of improving our website! One of the first steps is to update our very sad-looking “people” page. If you are involved in MASCLab or plan to continue to be soon (if you come join us in conversations or projects in person or online, you’re involved!) please fill out the following short survey Lisa designed so we can put you on our people page! We’re setting the deadline for two weeks from now and then we’ll put them all online–do it now so you don’t forget!

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