New Year, New Projects

Happy Monday, everyone!

Last week the Media and Social Change Lab (MASC Lab) met in the basement at Teachers College to plan and strategize our projects for the spring.  One of those projects is a weekly publication on our blog.  Please check back here every Monday for more updates on our projects and other goings on in the activist and media community.  Below are more of the ideas, projects, and events that came out of our meeting.

  • Our new Media Making Workshop is a free workshop for people interesting in learning how to make their own media with our state of the art audio and visual equipment.  It’s an attempt to move people from consumers to producers of popular media.
  • Our Media Literacy Project is in development to provide an opportunity to learn how to read media through a critical lens.
  • We’re beefing up our social media presence to communicate what’s going on with us as well as the broader activist community.  Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter at @MASCLab.
  • Look out for our new MASC Lab podcast that is in development.  Hosted by our very own Kyle Oliver, our podcast looks at the many ways media is being used in society, culture, and as a tool of social justice movements.
  • Also watch out for a paper being submitted to the American Educational Research Association (AERA) by several of our members on multimodality.
  • Finally, we’ve all decided that MASC Lab should serve as a space of resistance to the steady stream of Trumpist hatred issuing from our national politics.  We’ll be making a committed effort to supporting and amplifying the multiformed and multivoiced Trump resistance through media.  If you are an organizer, please contact us so we can dialogue and find ways of using media to push back on Trump’s racist, misogynistic, homophobic, xenophobic, and jingoistic agenda.

That’s all great and it seems like we have a lot of irons in the fire.  But what’s going on now, you ask?  Well, on Wednesday, February 1st, we will be hosting a free participatory screening of the documentary Newtown.  The film chronicles the aftermath of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in 2012 and the Newtown community’s story of tragedy and resilience.  Afterwards we will ask you to participate in a dialogue so that we can put our thoughts into action.  More info here:  If you can’t make it on Wednesday night, no worries!  Look out for more screenings throughout the year.  Did I mention they’re free?

Thanks for your support and interest in MASC Lab!  Stay tuned for an exciting semester of activism and media.

In solidarity,


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