MASCLab kicks of ’17-’18 year

Thanks to everyone who came out to our kickoff meeting today. As you can see, we had a huge group of enthusiastic potential members.

After introductions, we decided to “show not tell” what it’s like to be a part of MASCLab.

Part 1 of that plan was to give feedback on what will soon be episode 3 of our podcast. Here’s the draft if you want to send Kyle some feedback.

Part 2 was a 10-minute making activity. The prompt is an oldie but goodie we struggle with every year:

Describe the relationship between media and social change.

Of course, we asked for multimodal texts that answer this question. You can see a  sampling of the submissions below.

Looking forward to seeing everybody next week. If you missed us today but want to be included in our email list, drop us a line at

Tree logo
We believe in the impact of creative knowledge, emotions, and perspectives that media can make on an individual, the learning style and society.

Submission 1

Media causes social change causes media

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