Sept 20th Meeting Notes

We had a great meeting where we started to get to know the collective experience we bring to the room, brainstorm some new projects and share our ongoing projects.

Many new ideas were shared, including a campaign using gifs, games using geo-caching, hip hop health education initiatives, and a lot more! — and of course we talked a bit about our ongoing social media, podcasts, media literacy game, and video projects.

Here’s a brief, partial rundown of the experiences people shared:

  • podcast production (a few of us!)
  • radio production (also more than one!)
  • educational media
  • turning a college newspaper into a broader media team
  • being a teacher! creating curricula
  • freelance documentary filmmaking
  • professional radio news reporter and show host
  • magazine writer
  • graphic design
  • video and sound editing
  • and others: writing, filmmaking, screenwriting, photography sound production and more!

Here’s a brief, partial list of some of the ideas for this year people shared:

  • an oral history project on gender-based violence in Turkey
  • an animated dissertation translation
  • a podcast on school facilities and funding of one-room school houses
  • a GIF workshop and social media campaign
  • a brownbag talk on media and social change in scholarship
  • a photography series about feminism
  • a video series of profiles about TC or Columbia community
  • a geocache game that merges outdoor education with STEM
  • a community/social “mapping” project with environmental justice
  • collaborating with TC Public Space publication
  • a hip hop health education campaign
  • a podcast about mental health stigma in families and the healing process
  • and more! and that doesn’t even include ongoing projects like our fake news game, the rest of our podcast series, upcoming events like the fostercarefilm screening, or our ongoing research projects!

Email to find out how to pitch or join in on ongoing projects!


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