On Las Vegas, A Note about Our Upcoming Book Talk

Image credit: Dr. Klarevas appears on CBS News.

Late Sunday night (October 1, 2017), one of the deadliest mass shootings in modern history unfolded in Las Vegas, NV.

Later this month, MASCLab is scheduled to host a book talk by Dr. Louis Klarevas, a scholar who has studied mass shootings in the United States extensively — their causes, surrounding and compounding factors, and the rippling impacts on the individuals and communities affected. (Read a commentary by Dr. Klarevas about the Las Vegas massacre.) He notes, and we agree, that actions can and must be taken at multiple levels by multiple constituencies in order to halt or at least drastically reduce the number of such tragic occurrences.

Thus, as we continue to plan and look forward to hosting this event, our hearts and thoughts remain with the city of Las Vegas during this devastating time.  

As members of a school of education, we are reminded in these moments that we are not immune to the forces that act upon our social institutions and communities, including the injurious effects of experience with and exposure to gun violence in its many forms.

We encourage the Teachers College community to take action (#honorwithaction) and have put together a few resources for ways in which to do so:

  • Reach out to your representatives: Call your local senator or Congress person to make sure they are advocating for sensible gun control reform.
  • Donate: If you’re able to, consider donating to one of several advocacy groups.  
  • Vote: This is one way to help try and ensure that politicians represent the needs of their constituents. (To learn how to register to vote, click here)
  • Learn: Learn more about gun violence in the US.  There is a great deal of misinformation about guns, gun policy, and access to firearms. Learning the facts about guns in the US can help us all engage in a more productive and meaningful dialogue. Two excellent sources of information include Everytown for Gun Safety and The Trace.

For our part, as an academically-housed hub of interdisciplinary scholarship focused on the relationship of media and social change, we are keenly aware of the role that media can play in creating awareness around topics, interrupting false narratives, and shaping national discourse on issues. We are committed to providing opportunities and venues for deep inquiry into the media/ted forces shaping society through engaged research, pedagogical initiatives, and public outreach events such as this.

Please contact us with further ideas for action or support around these recent events.

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