Meeting Share – September 19

Today at MASCLab we introduced each other a little further and talked about pitches, and then did some pitching of projects we would be excited to make this year.

Here’s a short list of some of the initial ideas that were shared:

  • A game based on navigating Teachers College in 3 dimensions
  • Our ongoing Fake News game projects
  • A video about officially labeling gaming addiction and the ramifications
  • A podcast episode about the false dichotomy between eating healthy and eating cheaply
  • A podcast episode about education happening in digital spaces
    • An episode about a specific digital mentorship program between a middle school classroom and a college classroom
  • An exhibition displaying and showcasing student work
  • and more things!

If you are a new or returning MASCLab member looking to pitch a project, you are invited to write a paragraph or two and post it in the #projectpitches channel on Slack. We will highlight it in meetings–and if you are looking to join a project, check out the pitches and contact the people pitching! For instructions on joining Slack, email

If you are considering joining MASCLab or want to be updated weekly about what we are doing, join our mailing list by clicking the link:

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