Meeting Share – Oct 31

Today’s MASCLab meeting happened to fall on Halloween – did we get a trick or a treat?


The meeting was most certainly a treat as Danny led us in a 360 video creation workshop. He demonstrated using various 360 cameras that provide optical stabliaztion and even process videos to remove selfie sticks from the final cuts.

Workshop attendees were then able to view videos Danny previously created on Youtube using Google Cardboard* sets. The videos showed us a 360 video experience of walking through the subway platform and subways cars. Discussion on the technology sparked interest into future projects that could become multimodal through 360 videos. MASCLab has equipment available to rent for those interested in using 360 video for projects.

Check out photos from the workshop below.

And if you are interested in joining MASCLab or want to be updated weekly about what we are doing, join our mailing list by clicking the link:

*Google Cardboards are tools used to view simple virtual reality experiences through your phone.


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