Preventing Gun Violence and Understanding Gun Reform

In Conversation on Preventing Gun Violence
L-R Lalitha Vasudevan, Louis Klarevas & Sonali Rajan during the recording of this podcast. (photo by Caroline DeVoe)

Last month, we spoke with two people who have studied the issue of gun violence from complementary perspectives, about the phenomenon of firearm use, gun reform legislation, policy recommendations, and areas in need of further research. Louis Klarevas (University of Massachusetts – Boston) is an expert on the study of mass shootings and homeland security, and author of the recently published book Rampage Nation: Securing America from Mass ShootingsSonali Rajan is an expert on adolescent risk behaviors and studies school climate, aggression and violence prevention in schools, and socio-emotional wellbeing among adolescents.

The conversation covered a variety of related topics including the landscape of gun violence in the United States, the role of policy and legislation, impact and role of media, school shootings and the inadequate responses that are being proposed (from arming teachers to bulletproof backpacks). Our conversation concluded with a discussion of how listeners can take action in service of gun violence prevention and show that this issue is everyone’s lane.

Below is a list of links to resources that were referenced in this podcast. If there are others you’d like us to include, tweet at us @masclab or find us on instagram @masclab.

And earlier this month, House Democrats introduced a bill to expand background checks on gun sales. We’ll share additional resources as we continue to gather the latest on this and related actions.

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