VRSC Happy Lunch: Research in Progress with Two MASCLab Members Wednesday Afternoon!

Wednesday 12/4 from 3-5pm in HM46A, make sure to come to the joint MASCLab/VRSC happy hour to hear from TWO great MASCLab members about their work!
Emily Bailin on “The Role of “Finstas” (Fake Instagram Accounts) In Youth Self Expression and Digital Participation” and
Katie Newhouse on “Small Spaces, Big Moments: Restricted Educational Programs and Disabling Sites of Possibilities”

  • Emily: This research project asks: how do young people understand and use Finstas as forms of self-expression, identity exploration, and connection? The study considers the affordances and challenges of Finstas as a space of agency and creativity and examines the multimodal literacy practices that youth engage in the content they post, consume, and engage with on Instagram.and
  • Katie is talking about how she’s thinking through images as part of her dissertation final write up/analysis. Hers is more of a problem of “practice” type talk.

See you there!

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