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This year, more than ever MASCLab is here to continue to discuss and support media making. This semester MASCLab is virtual. All lab meetings and participation will occur virtually via Zoom and other remote options.  Please use this webpage to learn about all the ways to participate in the lab this semester. We look forward to you joining us!

*How to participate virtually in MASCLab*

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Attend a weekly meeting or MASCLab Event 

MASCLab meets every Wednesday during the Fall semester from 12-1pm. Email: to receive the information to join the meeting.  

Check out our most recent event, virtual Podfest 2020

Join an existing project team

To learn more about the lab’s ongoing teams, check out our podcast, the LAMBOOZLED! Media literacy game, and many other projects

LAMBOOZLED! / Media Literacy Project Team will be meeting every Wednesday from 10-11am, starting September 9. New members are encouraged to join the team. This year, we’ll be brainstorming the design of the digital LAMBOOZLED! To receive info to join or with any questions, contact Profs. Ioana Literat ( or Yoo Kyung Chang (

Bring new ideas 

We are an inclusive and open space: if you don’t see the kind of project you envision among our current projects, we’re excited to support you in creating something new. Feel free to email questions to


MASCLab H and D
A few of the past and current MASCLab members hopes and dreams for the coming academic year

Please join us at a MASCLab meeting or event soon!