MASCLab Resource Share for Social Distancing

At a weekly online meeting after spring break, we asked MASCLab members what resources, activities or tools they might want to share that they had been using for life during social distancing. We also invited people to share on the blog if they’d like – here’s a few responses from our team:

Netflix Party shared by Lalitha (Professor in Communications, Media & Learning Technologies Design Program) and Azsaneé Truss (MA student in Instructional Technology & Media)
Lalitha: “Netflix Party – a chrome extension that allows Netflix users to watch a show or movie at the same time, and chat while watching. Lots of fun!”
Azsaneé: “Netflix Party is a Google Chrome plug-in that allows you to synchronously watch shows/movies with a group of friends. While you watch, there’s also a chat next to the screen, making it a more social experience during these times of social distancing. So far, I’ve watched Self-Made (the Madame C.J. Walker story), the Tiger King documentary, and Beyoncé’s Homecoming documentary (for the 7th time) with friends!”

Playing and listening to music. Shared by Lívia (EdD student in Curriculum and Teaching). I have been spending time with my guitar and my pandeiro. Me and my partner have also been practicing some “duets” me on the guitar and he on the percussion. Neither of us are musicians, so I have my doubts if we’ve been really playing anything, it’s just for pure fun. We have also been dancing Salsa and Forró.

Zoom for Social Un-conferences. Shared by Ioana Literat (Faculty in Communications, Media & Learning Technologies Design Program). My friends and I have started organizing weekly un-conferences on Zoom, where we all present, Pecha-Kucha style, on (non-academic!) topics that we’re passionate or knowledgeable about. The range of subjects is quintessentially wide, and collectively elected (i.e. each person came up with 3 potential topics for their presentation, and the whole group voted on the top choice). For instance, this week’s agenda has included presentations on Italian gestures, proper diapering technique, the afterlife, and the life of Bill Gates. Wine/cocktails recommended.

Talking to my 6 months old niece in Skype (her name is Afra) and seeing how much she changes everyday :). Shared by Rumeysa Ozturk (MA student in Developmental Psychology).

Playing “celebrity” using Zoom. Shared by Joe Riina-Ferrie (PhD student in Applied Anthropology). It worked great. It just needs one person to be a moderator. Celebrity (the way we play it): Everyone contributes 3-5 names of people/characters most people in the group would recognize and sends them privately to the moderator (ours used a Google Form but you don’t have to do that). The participants are divided into teams (you need at least 3 per team, plus the moderator). Each team rotates roles of the people receiving the clues for 3 rounds. The first round is like “Taboo” – you can clue people in by describing the person as long as you don’t use any part of their name. The second round is charades, reusing the same list of names. On the third round, you’re already familiar with the names, and you can only clue people in by saying one word (no acting out allowed!). The moderator (or a member of the opposite team) sets a timer – a minute for each round worked well for us. The moderator sends people the clues one at a time via direct message as soon as their team gets the right answer. Ours used a spreadsheet to highlight the ones that had already been used and a simple online list randomizer to randomize the list between rounds. It worked great!

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