(Re)Search for Solutions Twitter Chat on Episode 2: Adverse Childhood Experiences and School Safety

We hosted a Twitter chat Tuesday, April 21 from 8-9PM EST with Professor Sonali Rajan (@SonaliRajan) on episode 2 of (Re)Search for Solutions, our limited series on gun violence research. You can see how the conversation went on Twitter at #R4SChat. The chat followed our episode topic: Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and school safety. ACEs continue to persist even as we are experiencing a global pandemic, and we hoped to engage listeners in a conversation about causes and responses that educators and caregivers could consider. If you haven’t already, listen to the latest episode of R4S, and stay tuned here at masclab.org for our next episode and Twitter chat coming up in May–You can join from wherever you are and use the hashtag #R4SChat. You can also reach out to us any time, and tweet questions and thoughts about the episode, ACEs, school safety, and any related thoughts to @masclab and/or using the hashtag #R4S.

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