Fall 2020 Semester Round up and Looking towards Spring

The days are short (but growing longer) and the weather is COLD! It must be winter on the east coast of the USA! Here in the MASCLab (Media and Social Change Lab) at Teachers College we’ve been doing a lot to keep our spirits warm. The Fall 2020 semester went by surprisingly fast, but we could not let the Fall semester leave our memories without sharing a few key events from the lab! 

In October, the LAMBOOZLED! project team celebrated the release of their media literacy card game through Teachers College Press. Check out the card game here: https://www.tcpress.com/lamboozled. Dr. Ioana Literat and Dr. Yoo Kyung Chang also held a webinar in October to discuss the research and planning that went into how the game was conceptualized and developed (see the video recording here). This spring, LAMBOOZLED! is working on a digital version of the game.

Accessibility was another key focus in the Fall semester. In August, MASCLab was selected to participate in the AIR (Accessibility Internet Rally) competition to revamp our current website with a focus on user accessibility. We plan to share more information about that experience on our blog over the next few months. Our main goal in the lab is to center accessibility in media-making and scholarship. Let us know how you like the newly designed site!

The MASCLab continues to support TC graduate students and members of the community in media-making, scholarship and research. Throughout a fairly challenging semester the lab met each Wednesday from 12-1pm via Zoom. Some highlights of our weekly meetings included a discussion with the producers of a podcast series from Barnard, Writing Home, as well as in process research conversations from doctoral student Catherine Cheng Stahl and Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. Katie Newhouse about their engagements with multimodal scholarship and research. We also had the pleasure of having doctoral student Nancye Blair Black share an AI centered curriculum that she helped develop. We continue to design our weekly Wednesday meeting to focus on in-process support and the sharing of finished media products.

The Podcast project team also met regularly throughout the Fall semester to plan out our next season of the MASCLab podcast, coming in March 2021 (more on that soon). Throughout last semester, the podcast project team focused on sound and sound recording as a way to stay connected during the ongoing pandemic. Many of our lab members are separated and living/studying/working remotely, so the group asked members of the MASCLab to share short audio recordings and reflections of what their life sounds like in this current time. There are several episodes in the works that will be hitting our podcast channel during the Spring 2021 semester.

Multimodal scholarship and research remain at the heart of the lab and this fall, the Multimodal Scholarship working group was created. This group is open to anyone (either in the MASCLab or from the Teachers College community) who is interested in the various ways of making meaning through research. In the fall the group focused on providing in-process support for graduate students and professors who are interested in creating and/or designing pilot studies or research projects that use multimodal theory and/or methods. The Multimodal Scholarship group meetings will continue this spring. Our first meeting is scheduled for Friday, January 29th at 12pm via zoom. 

The Spring 2021 semester is well underway. We’ll share more information about what’s happening in the lab as well as new or ongoing projects.  During the Spring 2021 semester the MASCLab is meeting every Wednesday from 12-1pm (EST). Email us at: masclab@tc.columbia.edu if you’d like to join a meeting. All are welcome! 

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