MASCLabuary 2021

And just like that it is March! The past six weeks have been busy in the lab.  In early Feb Dr. Ioana Literat presented about her recent research on how teens use Tiktok to discuss their virtual learning experiences  to provide recommendations for emergency remote school. Check out her article published through AERA Open here. During our weekly lab meetings, we also provided feedback to various project teams including the LAMBOOZLED!, media literacy game team. Dr. Cristina Salazar Gallardo also visited the lab in mid-February to discuss her career path post graduation and her recent work using digital ethnography and qualitative research in an industry setting. Dr. Salazar is a proud  alum of the CMLTD doctoral program. Throughout February, the #JustLit project shared meaningful Black History Month posts around the theme of #freedomdreaming (check out the engaging resources shared @JustLitProject on Instagram). Lastly, we started planning  our annual showcase, Podfest on Friday, 3/26 at 6pm (more info coming soon).  

We focused on media-making during this first part of 2021, combining January and February into “MASCLabuary” (#MASCLabuary). Our goal with MASCLabuary was to privilege time for exploration, play and making. We encouraged MASCLab members and the wider community to make along with us.  We hope to continue to grow this media-making initiative in the coming years. 

Two spotlights from #MASCLabuary were a sound polishing workshop hosted by the Podcasting project team and a collaging evening hosted by Azsanee Trussand Dr. Katie Newhouse who leads the Multimodal Scholarship working group. It seems more and more true that as adults (and especially adults in academic spaces), we spend far too little time engaged with playful inquiry and exploration. Both #MASCLabuary workshops provided opportunities for MASCLabbers to  learn new making practices.

During the sound polishing workshop, MASCLab members Mari Casellato and Joe Riina-Ferrie shared their process for polishing sound to produce podcasts and other sound-related media.  The collage night was towards the end of MASCLabuary, and provided time and resources for both analog and digital collage making. After providing two different prompts, attendees were invited to stay on Zoom, listen to music (from a wonderful playlist curated by Azsanee) and work on individual collages.  The prompts along with some collages from the evening below.  Consider this an invitation to play around with collaging on your own time, and look for another collage workshop in mid-April! 

Collage Night Prompts: (feel free to use this on your own to spark a collaging practice) 

  • What is love to you right now? What do you love? Who do you love? What does it look like/feel like/sound like?
  • What’s a question you have right now about your work/life/scholarship ? What might a collage that responds to that question look like?

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