MASCLab Podcast – Season 4 Episode 4: Sound Capsule 2020: Loops and samples, presence and collective memories, creativity and remixing multiplicities in music education  

A new Media and Social Change podcast episode is out Tuesday, November 23!

In what ways can sound snippets, traces, and edges that hold intimate and every day personal and collective feelings and memories of our lives during this pandemic spark creativity and reflection? How can this practice meet educational spaces of all kinds? In this episode from the series “Sounds of the Pandemic,” MASCLab member Shoshana Gottesman shares her composition of sounds from the pandemic submitted by members of the MASC Lab alongside the loops and samples of music producer and Teachers College doctoral student Chucky Kim. From there, Shoshana and Chucky explore together how this kind of co-creating through sampling, beatmaking, soundscapes, loops, remixes, and found sounds within music education is a way to facilitate creative moments within the framework of community especially during this time of pandemic.

Read the transcript here.

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