“Media as Scholarship” Roundtable at Diversity in Research and Practice Conference

Topic: “Media as Scholarship: Broadening the nature of academic practice and research” Time: 1:50 to 2:50 on Saturday, April 25th Where: TC- Grace Dodge 277 Roundtable Discussants: Professors Lalitha Vasudevan, Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz, Ansley Erickson, and Aaron Pallas Opening Question: “How does the practice of engaging multiple modes of inquiry, analysis, and representation allow for greater inclusion and participation in research and scholarship?” Continue reading “Media as Scholarship” Roundtable at Diversity in Research and Practice Conference

Screening of EVC’s “Unequal Education Revisited”

We are thrilled to be hosting the Premiere Screening “Unequal Education Revisited” — an Educational Video Center film with strong thematic connections for those interested in teacher education, media education, literacy, curriculum studies, urban education, and adolescence, among others. Synopsis: In 1992, EVC’s youth team produced Unequal Education for the national PBS series, “Listening to American With Bill Moyers.” Their film revealed the stark contrast … Continue reading Screening of EVC’s “Unequal Education Revisited”

MASCLab launches!

Thanks to everyone who joined us today! Here’s  a wordle based on the very abbreviated descriptions I jotted down as people were sharing their reasons for joining us. We’re excited to keep thinking and talking together and more updates will be coming your way… For now, please remember: we’ll reconvene next Monday at 12:30 in 322 TH we’ll be posting a job description for the GA that we’re … Continue reading MASCLab launches!