Podfest 2019 Recap!

Podfest is an annual event where MASCLab is able to showcase the amazing podcasting and media-making that we do all year. This year, it was hosted on May 3rd in the Teachers College Smith Learning Theater, and was attended by students, faculty, staff and administration. However, if you couldn’t make it, this post is for you! Here’s a full recap of our celebration of all … Continue reading Podfest 2019 Recap!

Visual Research for Social Change Conference: Wrap-up

Last Wednesday, MASCLab in partnership with the Visual Research Center hosted the first ever Visual Research for Social Change conference at the Smith Learning Theater on Wednesday, April 18, 2018 at Teachers College, Columbia University. After opening remarks by Professor Ioana Literat, Wendy Luttrell of the CUNY Graduate Center presented a keynote entitled, “Collaborative Seeing: A Visual Research Practice. Afterwards, graduate students (and professors) from … Continue reading Visual Research for Social Change Conference: Wrap-up

TC President Susan Fuhrman

Wrap-up: Digital Learning @ TC

Last week, approximately 200 Teachers College students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends participated in Digital Learning at TC, an exhibition curated by MASCLab, sponsored by the TC Office of Digital Learning, and hosted in the Smith Learning Theater. The goal of the exhibition was to spotlight a range of interesting examples of learning innovation made possible in part by digital technologies—both high-tech and low-tech. Montages of … Continue reading Wrap-up: Digital Learning @ TC

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Podfest wrap-up: An immersive evening

The Podfest event, held on December 15 in the Learning Theater, was a night to remember. We were thrilled to share the work so many of us have dedicated ourselves to over the past months. More than 60 faculty, students, and community members attended. The event was unique in its experiential design and immersive mission. Drs. Lalitha Vasudevan and Ioana Literat, faculty advisors of our … Continue reading Podfest wrap-up: An immersive evening