2019 – 2020 Multimodal Scholarship Series!

Keep up with MASCLab’s Multimodal Scholarship Series!

MASCLab has been organizing a series that brings in outside speakers (researchers, filmmakers, artists) who are engaging in research that uses multiple modes of inquiry for collecting, analyzing, and representing research in service of expanding the voices and perspectives that are included in the production of knowledge through research. These guests, along with internally designed activities and experiences (that we detail below), are aimed at engaging more members of the TC community who may be interested in the telling of different stories, and the use of multiple tools and platforms with which to tell them differently.

Beyond sharing MASCLab’s work, our goal is to promote and encourage the use of media in scholarship. We hope to connect people to resources at Teachers College and to continue producing projects and conversations around media and social change on campus. We hope to expose the TC community to the innovative research and scholarship happening on campus, and inspiration and connections for their own projects.

Events so far:

The Challenge of YPAR in youth justice systems with Hannah Smithson