MASCLab at TC’s Academic Festival

Thanks to everyone who attended our session at the annual Teachers College Academic Festival this past weekend! We had a full house with whom we shared snippets from some of our ongoing projects, including the new Masclab Podcast Series (link coming soon!), an article and upcoming AERA presentation on multimodal scholarship, research in community based settings and afterschool programs like the Educational Video Center, our participatory … Continue reading MASCLab at TC’s Academic Festival

Judges Take the Lead in the Education of Court-Involved Youth

Since much of my research as a MASCLab member centers on understanding how media representations of crime impacts juvenile justice policy, I attended the National Conference of Juvenile Justice (NCJJ) in NYC recently and learned that many judges are shifting their focus from behind the bench to beyond the courtroom, taking a leadership role in youth case management.  NCJJ is a four day, tech-savvy symposium … Continue reading Judges Take the Lead in the Education of Court-Involved Youth

Thoughts on Multimodality

Happy March everybody! In a recent discussion about our upcoming podcast, the MASC Lab team discussed the importance of multimodality in education.  Multimodality, in a strictly denotative sense, is the understanding and approach to communication that utilizes sign systems across our five senses.  But it is also an acknowledgment that we have undergone a major shift in the way we make meaning, from a strict … Continue reading Thoughts on Multimodality

Moving from Media Consumers to Media Producers

Happy Monday, everyone!  Here’s another update to the goings on in MASC Lab at Teachers College, Columbia. We have a lot of great equipment that we’re itching to get out into the streets and produce popular media, so we gathered in MASC Lab headquarters last Wednesday for a media technology workshop.  We talked technical about frame and shot sizes.  Then we broke into teams, story-boarded … Continue reading Moving from Media Consumers to Media Producers

New Year, New Projects

Happy Monday, everyone! Last week the Media and Social Change Lab (MASC Lab) met in the basement at Teachers College to plan and strategize our projects for the spring.  One of those projects is a weekly publication on our blog.  Please check back here every Monday for more updates on our projects and other goings on in the activist and media community.  Below are more … Continue reading New Year, New Projects

Communicating in Trump’s America: Teaching encryption behavior to young people

On Sunday, December 4, 2016, the New Inquiry hosted an event called “Communicating in Trump’s America” about how people can use encrypted communication to promote social change in the coming years. Appropriately tucked behind a corner in a DUMBO warehouse, the panel included Harlo Holmes, the Director of Newsroom Digital Security at the Freedom of the Press Foundation; Olivia Martin, a Digital Security Intern at … Continue reading Communicating in Trump’s America: Teaching encryption behavior to young people

Join Our Projects via Slack!

Hi all – we are trying out using Slack to organize our projects. Check our convos there: it’s open and free! Follow the message below from Lisa! Hello MASClab, In an effort to organize our communication and efforts on our many projects we have set up a Slack account. You can sign-up here: If you do not have a email, please email Lisa at and she will add … Continue reading Join Our Projects via Slack!

MASCLab Updates and Announcements

We had an excellent meeting this week–Kyle led us through an excellent discussion of podcasting and we took our first steps toward producing our own MASCLab podcast! You can see the introductory handout he used to guide us below. We came up with some great ideas, which we are going to build on in two weeks and take the next step in actually making it! … Continue reading MASCLab Updates and Announcements

September 28 Meeting Notes and Updates

We will be meeting next week at our new usual time: Wednesday, 12-130 in HM46A.  The first half of the meeting we will be workshopping a collaborative podcast around MASCLab’s work and interests, suggested by Kyle. Please join us to do some audio thinking and making, among other things! If you have something you’d like to address/workshop/brainstorm/get feedback on at more length this week or … Continue reading September 28 Meeting Notes and Updates

MASCLab Meeting Time Set!

The Media and Social Change Lab is meeting Wednesday, September 28 from 12-130pm in HM46A.  All are welcome and encouraged to join (dont worry if you couldn’t make it to the first meeting or are unsure if you’ll be able to make it every week)–we will be introducing ourselves and beginning to plan for the new year. The lab is under the guidance of Professors Lalitha Vasudevan … Continue reading MASCLab Meeting Time Set!