ICYMI: Rampage Nation – book talk w/Louis Klarevas (video)

Click below for video from last week’s conversation with Louis Klarevas, who joined Teachers College professors Sonali Rajan and Lalitha Vasudevan to discuss his book, Rampage Nation: Securing America from Mass Shootings. Among the topics covered were characteristics of mass shootings and the perpetrators, the history of gun control legislation, current gun laws, guns in school, and the need to fund more comprehensive research about mass … Continue reading ICYMI: Rampage Nation – book talk w/Louis Klarevas (video)

Citizenship as Multimodal Practice

Results of the 2016 election were announced nearly a year ago. Following a period of paralysis, we at MASCLab, in partnership with collaborators and co-conspirators across the college, have cultivated our multimodal practices of citizenship by earnestly pursuing opportunities to experience “becoming educated” as a full-bodied practice. We view and re-view films that move audiences to action. Among them have been the documentary film, 13th, … Continue reading Citizenship as Multimodal Practice

Foster Care Film Series and the Re-making of Family and Home

Last month, we hosted filmmaker Yasmin Mistry and two of the participants in her films, Charell Star and Kim Flodin, for an interactive screening of three short films that are the first in a larger series being produced by Mistry, the Director of Foster Care Film & Community Engagement Project. The films are based on interviews that Mistry conducted with individuals – current and former foster … Continue reading Foster Care Film Series and the Re-making of Family and Home

The GIF that Keeps on GIFing: GIF Culture and Stigma-Reduction

Image credit: Don’t tell me to smile. Retrieved from https://giphy.com/gifs/xT0BKjFrfSczzLoOQg The MASCLab sponsored a recent talk called “Never Gonna GIF You Up: Analyzing the Cultural Significance of the Animated GIF” given by Drs. Kate Miltner and Tim Highfield earlier this semester. As an avid sender and receiver of GIFs, I happily attended the talk and, afterwards, began seeing GIFs from a new perspective. I couldn’t … Continue reading The GIF that Keeps on GIFing: GIF Culture and Stigma-Reduction

On Las Vegas, A Note about Our Upcoming Book Talk

Image credit: Dr. Klarevas appears on CBS News. Late Sunday night (October 1, 2017), one of the deadliest mass shootings in modern history unfolded in Las Vegas, NV. Later this month, MASCLab is scheduled to host a book talk by Dr. Louis Klarevas, a scholar who has studied mass shootings in the United States extensively — their causes, surrounding and compounding factors, and the rippling impacts … Continue reading On Las Vegas, A Note about Our Upcoming Book Talk

Sept 20th Meeting Notes

We had a great meeting where we started to get to know the collective experience we bring to the room, brainstorm some new projects and share our ongoing projects. Many new ideas were shared, including a campaign using gifs, games using geo-caching, hip hop health education initiatives, and a lot more! — and of course we talked a bit about our ongoing social media, podcasts, … Continue reading Sept 20th Meeting Notes

MASCLab packed for fall kickoff

MASCLab kicks of ’17-’18 year

Thanks to everyone who came out to our kickoff meeting today. As you can see, we had a huge group of enthusiastic potential members. After introductions, we decided to “show not tell” what it’s like to be a part of MASCLab. Part 1 of that plan was to give feedback on what will soon be episode 3 of our podcast. Here’s the draft if you … Continue reading MASCLab kicks of ’17-’18 year

First Meeting of the School Year

Welcome new, returning, and continuing MASCLab members! Help us spread the word to the Teachers College and Columbia community–all are welcome. Our first meeting is Wednesday, September 13th from 12-1pm in HM46A (the basement of Horace Mann). Help us spread the attached flyer, and let your classes and groups know! First Meeting 17-18 Flyer!     Continue reading First Meeting of the School Year

MASCLab at TC’s Academic Festival

Thanks to everyone who attended our session at the annual Teachers College Academic Festival this past weekend! We had a full house with whom we shared snippets from some of our ongoing projects, including the new Masclab Podcast Series (link coming soon!), an article and upcoming AERA presentation on multimodal scholarship, research in community based settings and afterschool programs like the Educational Video Center, our participatory … Continue reading MASCLab at TC’s Academic Festival

Judges Take the Lead in the Education of Court-Involved Youth

Since much of my research as a MASCLab member centers on understanding how media representations of crime impacts juvenile justice policy, I attended the National Conference of Juvenile Justice (NCJJ) in NYC recently and learned that many judges are shifting their focus from behind the bench to beyond the courtroom, taking a leadership role in youth case management.  NCJJ is a four day, tech-savvy symposium … Continue reading Judges Take the Lead in the Education of Court-Involved Youth