Emily Bailin, Doctoral Student, Communication and Education

Joanne Beckwith, MA Student, Instructional Technology and Media

Caroline DeVoe, MA Student, CMLTD-Technology Specialist

Mengqi Ding, MA Student, Communication and Education                                                                         Mengqi has more than 4 years’ studying and practicing experience in various media and communication.

Brendan Gillett, MA Student 

Risa Goda, MA Student, Communication and Education

Libby Herbert-Wasson, EdM Student, Instructional Technology and Media

Rodrigo Mayorga, Doctoral Student, Anthropology and Education                                                             Rodrigo is interested in political and citizenship education, historical memory and student social movements… and also Batman

Lisa Mertes Sepahi, MA Student, Instructional Technology and Media
20+ years as a social worker committed to social justice issues related to child welfare, homelessness and poverty.

Kyle Oliver, Doctoral Student, Communication in Education                                                                       Kyle is an Episcopal priest who studies digital literacies for church leaders

Karen Kirsh Page, MA Student, Instructional Technology and Media

Joe Riina-Ferrie, Doctoral Student, Applied Anthropology                                                                           Interested in using media to make research and scholarship participatory and accessible. Works with Professor Vasudevan on several projects, including at the Educational Video Center.

Rachael Stephens, MA Student, Anthropology and Education

Sawaros (Sam) Thanapornsangsuth, MA Student, CMLTD

Zhuqian (Karen) Zhou Learning Analytics                                                                                                Zhuqian is interested in personalized education by means of education data mining and new media in this Digital Age. Also, she is running a startup helping high school students discover their different aspects of interests and career potential in order to ameliorate the “quarter-life crisis” that haunts the youth in modern society.


lmv  Lalitha Vasudevan, Director
Professor, Communication, Media, and Learning Technologies Design Program

ioana  Ioana Literat
Assistant Professor, Communication, Media, and Learning Technologies Design Program

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