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Media and Social Change Podcast

Our podcast series invites a range of voices to delve into issues related to media in research, scholarship, and social change. It is an exercise of and about participatory production. Episodes have been produced in collaboration with professors, students, alumni and community members. Episode topics include the history and design of African American one-room school houses, children’s civic engagement in online creative platforms, the craftivism movement, maker-spaces, and many more.

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Check out transcripts for Season 4 of the Media and Social Change Podcast!

View the Episode 1 The #JustLit project tackles racial literacy episode transcript.

View the Episode 2: Alone Together: Sounds of the Pandemic episode transcript.

View the Episode 3: Multimodal Research and Gen Z Online Identities episode transcript.

View the Episode 4: Sound Capsule 2020 episode transcript.

special episode: Tc president Thomas Bailey

MASCLab sat down with TC’s Tom Bailey just ahead of his inauguration as the school’s 11th President. We wanted to hear his thoughts on taking the helm of our longstanding institution at this time in our nation’s history. We spoke with President Bailey about—among other things—his vision for the college, the state of higher education, and his love of Chopin.

More about the Community College Research Center:

Season 2 Episode 6: Math Histories

This episode was produced as part of a larger project: Telling Math Histories – A collaboration between IUME, NAM, MASCLab, and Program in Mathematics. Learn more about the larger project here.

Season 1 Episode 3: Teaching Torah on Youtube

MASCLab’s Kyle Oliver interviews Sarah Lefton, Jewish educator and founder of BimBam, about the art and science of teaching old wisdom on new media.

Sarah and Kyle talk about Christian readings of Hebrew texts:

Rough edit of Sarah and Kyle’s full conversation:
Kylematthewoliver – Sarah-lefton-full-interview