PodFest 2020

Welcome to podfest 2020

The live event is over. You can read about it on our blog, and please continue to explore the pods below. You can sign up for our email list to learn about upcoming meetings and events.

PodFest 2020 took place, here, online. Please browse and interact with our digital showcase of media, scholarship, and projects produced below. We hosted a Zoom webinar on May 1, 2020 from 5:30-7pm (EST) for presentations, celebration, and Q + A with creators. Video from that event will be available online soon.

Our first annual PodFest had a potluck, or “podluck” if you will. Since we couldn’t share food and drinks in person this year, we invited attendees to join in the spirit of our “podluck” by sharing recipes for food and drinks. View the recipe book with the button below, and access an accessible document version here.

Download accessible slides from our live presentation