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For updates about LAMBOOZLED! you can visit their website: For more information about how to get involved with the LAMBOOZLED! team and their ongoing research and game design, please email

(Re)Search for Solutions

Look out for our next episode of (Re)Search for Solutions, discussing firearms and suicide, in May. To listen to previous episodes of #R4S, you can subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, SoundCloud, or Google Play. Remember to rate us and tweet us your thoughts about the episode using the hashtag #R4S!

#JustLit Project

For updates about the #JustLit project, check out their website: You can also give them a follow on Instagram @justlitproject! To learn more about their research and how to become a part of the #JustLit team, you can email

EVC Research

Information about MASCLab’s ongoing partnership with the Educational Video Center (EVC) and related research can be found here, on the MASCLab website! For more information about EVC, their work, and how you can support it directly, check out their website:

MASCLab Podcast

The general MASCLab podcast is produced by anyone who’s interested! If you have an idea for a podcast episode that discusses research or multimodal scholarship in general, or if you would just like to learn how to podcast, join our meetings and we can get working!

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Multimodal Scholarship Series

Podfest is a part of MASCLab’s ongoing Multimodal Scholarship Series. If you’d like to learn more about upcoming events, you can find them here, on the MASCLab website! Just this year, we have hosted guest lectures, interactive film screenings, and more!

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