The Media and Social Change Lab Podcast

Our podcast series invites a range of voices to delve into issues related to media in research, scholarship, and social change. It is an exercise of and about participatory production. Try it out on the player embedded to the right, and then subscribe on Soundcloud or iTunes!

LAMBOOZLED!: Learning about Fake News Through Play 

Given the recent concerns about the spread of misinformation in online spaces, MASCLab is developing a game that aims to hone young people’s media literacy skills, with a focus on identifying fake news and misinformation. In an initial stage, the game – targeted towards middle school students – will take the form of a board game, accompanied by lesson plans and other resources for educators or facilitators. (funded by a Provost Investment Fund grant, 2019). Learn more at!

Research for Solutions Limited Series Podcast

MASCLab is producing a new limited podcast series focusing on research around gun violence, especially approaches that have less visibility in debates on how to address it. Visit the “Research for Solutions” website to hear the episodes!

Core team: Ioana Literat, Yoo Kyung Chang, Jonathan Gardner, Joey Eisman, Azsaneé Truss

Lingering Traces of Youth Media Engagement – EVC Alumni Study

What are the resonances of involvement in a rigorous, youth development and civic participation oriented filmmaking program over the course of a person’s life? How might it shape the way people think? In partnership with the Educational Video Center, MASCLab embarked on an interview study with alumni from across the decades of EVC’s participatory youth documentary filmmaking programs to inquire about how such an experience continues to ripple through the lives of participants.

Core Team: Lalitha Vasudevan, Joe Riina-Ferrie, Azsaneé Truss


#JustLit seeks to curate resources that center multimodal explorations of social change through young adult and children’s literature, media production, and popular culture. The #JustLit newsletter was recently launched, and the project features an Instagram account featuring text sets that foster an ethos of civic engagement and social change that can inform K-12 curriculum development. We are also developing a forum for fostering racial literacy in children’s literature and curriculum hack for teachers taking up issues of racial justice. Visit to learn more!

Organizer: Detra Price-Dennis

Multimodal Scholarship Series

Our multimodal scholarship series brings people together to share experiences, productions, and opportunities to engage and collaborate at the intersection of media and scholarship. Visit to learn more about our next event at Teachers College.

These are a few of our current, ongoing projects. We also support many other member projects and encourage the development of new collaborative projects! Join our mailing list or come to a weekly meeting to learn more!

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