Scavenger Hunt Challenge

All TC Community are welcome to join MASClab in a team scavenger hunt challenge.

In this challenge, teams work together to solve riddles related to Teachers College. The better you know the school the better prepared you will be to answer the riddles. For each riddle solved teams are awarded an educational technology artifact, each artifact serves to complete the ed tech timeline. If you know your ed tech history you will be awarded clues. Be the first to solve all 10 riddles to win.

When: Friday, April 27, 2018  4:00pm to 6:00 pm

Where: Milbank Chapel ZB 125


  1. Create a team: Sign up here, choose a team name, captain and no more than 6 members per team. Sign up early to be sure your team has a spot.
  2. We encourage friendly competition, invite your friends and colleagues to create teams.
  3. Arrive at 4:00pm to receive your challenge pack for your team.
  4. This challenge requires at least one person on the team to have a mobile device. The challenge is best viewed on a tablet or i-pad device, there will be a few to borrow however it is best to bring your own.
  5. The scavenger hunt begins at 4:15. Teams will search the school to answer the riddles. Teams are given one hour to search the school. The first team to solve all ten riddles wins.
  6. Join all the teams after the challenge for pizza and refreshments.