Multimodal Scholarship Working Group

Pushing Institutional Boundaries

One of MASCLab’s primary goals is to push the boundaries of how scholarship is defined. As a collective of individuals from various disciplines, programs, and departments the Multimodal scholarship working group serves as both a supportive learning community and place to share in-process research/projects related to Multimodal research and scholarship. Together we puzzle through the complications of design multimodal research and scholarship. As well as how this research and scholarship informs our own teaching and learning. The projects on this page are a selection of a few of the projects that showcase the ways in which we continue to expand multimodal methods of teaching, learning, and research.

In Process Projects

MSWG Transmdiation

Multimodal Ethics Discussion

The MSWG facilitates conversations with students and faculty in the Culture, Media, & Education course on changing modalities and navigating institutional and personal ethics in media making.



Multimodal Syllabus Workshop

The MSWG run sessions in drafting syllabi as a way to build out curricular practices to include anti-racist, accessible and multimodal resources in our courses. In the spirit of sharing resources please enjoy the slides below. If you have ay questions or would like to discuss syllabus design please reach out to our group. personal ethics in media making.




As part of MASCLab’s recent presentation at UPenn’s Ethnography Forum, Kyle Oliver surveyed how a variety of ethnographic and journalistic media projects adapt some of the conventions of academic publishing according to available affordances of audio media. He then shared excerpts from his ethnographic dissertation podcast in development, analyzing clips intended to reimagine how we understand literature reviews, methodological commentary, “discussion” sections, and more.

Kyle’s work in “faith-adjacent” settings seeks to hybridize the discursive, affective, and representational dimensions of audio storytelling with the methodological rigor and genre expectations of academic research.

Read more of Kyle’s presentation here (slides 3–8), or check out the clips on Soundcloud (transcripts included).



Past PRojects

Culture Crossing: An American Cookbook

This year, MASCLab member Azsaneé Truss developed a multimodal cookbook of fusion recipes to explore the concept of culture-crossing. Recipes are passed down through generations, and frequently survive despite marginalization and/or colonization. As a result, even the simplest recipe provides insight into the history, beliefs, lifestyle and norms of a given culture (or cultures). Created as the final project for TC’s Cinema As Cross-Cultural Communication class, the cookbook includes personal reflections; links to videos, music, and podcasts; and analyses of articles and films from the course.

Learn more about the cookbook here!



TOddler Hug: A film about two families’ experiences of internet Fame

Produced, directed and edited by Erica Russo McKenna, with support from MASCLab, “Toddler Hug: A Film about Two Families’ Experiences of Internet Fame” had its premiere online at PodFest 2020 (our annual celebration of MASCLab’s work) on May 1, 2020.

In the film, the parents of the children featured in the viral “Toddler Hug” video reflect on their experiences.

Educational Video Center (EVC) Partnership

View the full episode transcript here.

MASCLab has an ongoing partnership with EVC where for the past few years, we have been working on a research project titled “Lingering Traces of Youth Media Engagement,” which looks at the lasting impact of EVC in the lives of various alumni. This year, we have also begun to analyze the films themselves to explore how we define “impact” within educational spaces.

Learn more about EVC at & read about the research on MASCLab’s website!




View the full episode transcript here.

The “Craftivism” episode features an interview with Dr. Sandra Markus about her dissertation research on craftivist subcultures, both on and offline. The 2017 Women’s March features prominently in the discussion.

As mentioned in this episode, you can see Janie Terrero’s work here, and learn more about the Suffragette’s imprisonment at Holloway Prison here!


participatory Screenings and Events

MASCLab hosts participatory screenings and events on the Teachers College campus to support, curate and engage people with multimodal scholarship.

Events have included: Interactive film screenings with discussions and resources from filmmakers and participants (such as “Runaway: Philipsburg ManorNewtown, Una Vida, Dos Paises, and short films from the Foster Care Film Series), discussions from scholars on innovative research and media engagement, and our annual showcase of MASCLab’s work, PodFest.